Our factory

At Vanda Electronics we are factory first and foremost, while we also do retail sales we are not a distributor or trading company. Working directly with the factory means you receive the highest quality parts at the lowest cost.

Our process flow and Equipment

Wharehouse/Raw Materials: We stock large amounts of common wires and frequently uses connectors to allow the fastest time to market.

Wire and Cable Inventory


Connector Inventory



Production Equipment: Production equipment includes our SMT line for PCBA assembly. Along with automatic wire processing machines and overmolding equipment.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Line

SMT placment and reflow

Automatic Crimping Machine

Automated Wire Crimp-Solder-Strip machine

Semi-Automatic Crimp Machine 

Overmolding Machine

Injection Molds for overmolding wires and connectors


Test and Inspection Equipment: We use both inline and final inspection to ensure that we produce the highest quality components.

Wire Harn

ess Tester

Crimp Testing Machine