"Y" cable - battery

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"Y" cable to allow 2 Vanda Electronics Speed Controller to operate from 1 battery. 12 gage wire with premium 600v silicone insulation. Wire is rated to -60c to 200c. See drawing below for definition of cables length. 


Side A: Male connectors to connect to your battery. XT60, Deans, EC3, XT150, or HXT4

XT60 (male), Deans (male), EC3 (DEV/Male terminal), XT150 (Red=Female housing/Female Terminal Black=Male housing/Male Terminal, or HXT4


Side B and C: Female connectors to your device.

XT60 (female), Deans (female), EC3 (Batt/female terminal), XT150 (Red=Male housing/Male Terminal Black=Female housing/Female Terminal, or HXT4


The maximum length for cables is 300mm.  If you enter a number larger than 300mm we will build your cables to 300mm.

If longer cables or different connectors are needed please email us.